The Solution

The Solution
 is now being implemented by the
Continental Public Bank

Who are the Real Creditors?  (Labor-backed Treasury Voucher Certificates)

Review Continental Public Bank News Release on a National Banking association question!

Review the Bank Charter

Review the Bank License

Review the Legal Tender Act of 2016
(Note especially its "disaster relief program" in items 2 & 5!)

Review the Continental Dollar (UCD) Paper Currency

Order the Continental Dollar Paper Currency

Review the Anti-Terrorism Policy

Review the Superintendent of Finance Manual

Review the Standard Operating Procedures Manual


Review The Articles of Confederation of 1781, as amended in Convention on August 5th, 2015

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If married, that's approximately $120/day via 2 accounts!
$120/day x 30 days = 3600/month = $43200/year!
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The Continental Dollar (UCD) is the currency of "a national banking association", and thereby must be accepted by merchants per Public Policy of the United States, in Congress assembled, as stated at 48 Stat 112 in last paragraph of that page and continued onto next page. Note especially the reference to currency of "a national banking association" being acceptable for transactions.

The Continental Public Bank (CPB) is "a national banking association", so the UCD is a valid currency and legal tender for all debts public and private!

So... just BYPASS the old system with CPB as our new "clearinghouse" like Lincoln initiated!


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